The Urban Development Institute (UDI Manitoba) has been the voice of the land development industry in the Province of Manitoba since 1962.

Today, the Urban Development Institute (UDI) is a non-profit association representing the professional development industry and associated businesses and organizations across Manitoba’s capital region.

UDI Manitoba members are dedicated to promoting:

  • Well-planned communities by encouraging the reasonable and unselfish use of land for residential, public, commercial and industrial purposes;
  • Efficiency and a high standard of ethics among persons, firms and corporations engaged in the business of land assembly and development;
  • An evidence-based approach to planning and development, and the sharing of pivotal information and data that will benefit stakeholders involved in the process; and
  • Collaborative and positive working relationships between individuals, firms and corporations and municipal, planning and other governmental authorities and agencies.

UDI Work & Successes

  • In 2018 UDI held the Plan For Growth Forum, a day-long event that brought together key stakeholders from City Council, Planning, Public Works, and from across the industry – past and present, local and national – to share research, insights and background into the planning and development involved in the complex work of city building.
  • UDI representatives helped develop and today continue to actively participate in the Our Winnipeg process.
  • In past, UDI representatives have regularly met with a committee comprised of the chairs of Planning, Public Works, and Finance of City Council to review development issues. Topics reviewed cover developer and City responsibilities in Development Agreements as well as standards or specifications for facilities and services ranging from parks to sewers to roads.
  • UDI members sit on an advisory committee to examine alternative stormwater management plans for use within Winnipeg.
  • Previously UDI and the City of Winnipeg jointly sponsored a symposium to review the establishment of a traffic hierarchy based on technical TAC Standards, and the integration of major road cost-sharing and regional planning.
  • UDI and the City have jointly funded a study to examine the appropriateness of the City’s involvement in the cost sharing of oversized services as well as to study the equity of land dedication charges and policies.
  • UDI participated in the Polo Park Traffic Improvement and Development Review study.
  • UDI members participated in the design charrette for the Waverley West Lands in southwest Winnipeg.


UDI’s Board of Directors meets a minimum of 4 times annually, including the AGM. The Board and elected Executive serve 2-year terms.

2021 – 2022 Board of Directors:

  • Mike Carruthers, President – Ladco Company Limited
  • David Boles, Past President – Genstar Development Company
  • Lanny McInnes, Managing Director – Manitoba Home Builders’ Association
  • Tim Comack, Director – Ventura Land Company
  • Les McLaughlin, Director – Pollock & Wright
  • Real Pelletier, Director – Terracon Development Ltd.
  • Susan Russell, Director – McGowan Russell Group Inc.
  • Paul Sunderland, Director – Stantec Consulting Ltd.
  • Richard Tebinka, Director – WSP Canada Inc.
  • Bryan Ward – Qualico Developments (Winnipeg) Ltd.