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Understanding Development in Winnipeg - September 20, 2016


Annual Mix & Mingle - September 22, 2016 - Fort Garry Hotel

UDI commissioned Deloitte to review the cost-benefit analysis that is prepared for civic approval of all major new housing development. This review confirms that new housing developments in Winnipeg more than pay for their own infrastructure costs and in fact contribute millions of extra tax revenue dollars to the city for use in providing services in other neighbourhoods. Read the review.

The Urban Development Institute (Manitoba Division) is the voice of the land development industry in the Province of Manitoba. Established in 1962, it was formed to promote:

  • well planned communities by encouraging the reasonable and unselfish use of land for residential, public, commercial and industrial purposes;
  • efficiency and a high standard of ethics among persons, firms and corporations engaged in the business of land assembly and development;
  • pleasant and efficient relationships between persons, firms and corporations and municipal, planning and other governmental authorities and agencies;
  • UDI has chapters located in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. The Urban Development Institute (UDI) is a national non-profit association representing the development industry across Canada. Our membership nationwide stands at over 1,000 companies.

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